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‘Marnie’ - Music Composed & Conducted by Bernard Herrmann


Music Composed & Conducted by Bernard Herrmann

Super-Deluxe (2 x LP, 7”, download & CD) soundtrack package

Released by Stylotone 26th April 2019

The world premiere release of the complete original motion picture soundtrack composed & conducted by Bernard Herrmann (‘Psycho’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Citizen Kane’, etc.) for the Alfred Hitchcock production of ‘Marnie’

“Marnie held a special place for Benny. He always said to me that out of all of his recordings that one came closest to realising his original ideas. It was his favourite.” - Norma Shepherd (Herrmann)

A 1964 American Psychological thriller from The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, based upon the novel by Winston Graham and starring Tippi Hedren & Sean Connery. ‘Marnie’ sees Hedren’s anti-heroine, a thief with erythrophobia, blackmailed into marrying Sean Connery’s widower.

The last collaboration between director Alfred Hitchcock and composer Bernard Herrmann is not only recognised as one of the finest score’s Herrmann composed and recorded for their legendary partnership but also one of the greatest of all his works. Never-before-available ‘Marnie’ debuts in a stunning stereo master. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann is released on 26th April 2019 in a Super-Deluxe soundtrack package by Stylotone working closely with the families of Alfred J. Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann.

The soundtrack (painstakingly restored from the original music masters) has been Assembled, Mastered and Cut at London’s world-famous Abbey Road Studios by Grammy®award-winning engineer Sean Magee.

Over 58 minutes of music - in three formats (Vinyl, CD & Download - including both Hi-Resolution & MP3) - available in a Super-Deluxe package produced to the absolute highest possible standard as if it had been released at the same time as the film, having sourced manufacturers who are able to produce all the parts on exactly the same machines as used in the 1960s.

The ‘Marnie’ Super-Deluxe soundtrack package is released in a translucent scarlet coloured vinyl edition featuring spot varnished 320gsm tip-on gatefold sleeve and contains:

  • 2 x 180g ‘Scarlet’ Coloured Heavyweight 12” Vinyl LP’s, cut at 45rpm.

  • An Expanded ‘Vinyl’ Replica CD housed in a Scale-Copy of the Gatefold Sleeve - containing the Complete Score plus unused / alternate cues.

  • An Exclusive 45rpm 2-Track 7” Black Vinyl Single featuring Nat King Cole’s rendition of the song ‘Marnie’ co-written by Bernard Herrmann c/w The Main Theme.

  • A Download Card offering exclusive access to High-Resolution 24-bit WAV and 320kbps CBR MP3 Digital Downloads of the LP, CD and unused / alternate cues.

  • A 30” x 40” (762mm x 1016mm) newly commissioned British Quad Film Poster. The poster has been specially printed using original 1960s production processes - matching not only the poster weight of the time but also the correct machine folds (since film posters would be machine folded and inserted into large brown envelopes before arriving in the post at cinemas - this was before digital media, kids!).

  • To round off the Super-Deluxe package Bernard Herrmann’s biographer, Steven C. Smith, offers a unique and compelling insight into this soundtrack with his own sleeve notes.

  • Assembled, Mastered & Cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London

Track listing (Side 1) 1. Prelude 2. Marnie 3. Forio 4. Red Flowers 5. The Shampoo 6. The Bowl 7. No.9 8. Want Ad 9. The Stranger 10. Red Ink 11. The Drawer (Side 2) The Storm 2. Red Jacket. 3. The Homestead. 4. Romance 5. The Safe 6. Encounter 7. The Wedding 8. The Porch 9. The Checkbook 10. The Bridal Suite 11. The Cabin 12. Alone 13. The Shadow (Side 3) 1. Love Scene 2. The Pool 3. Homecoming 4. The Window 5. Telephone 6. The Horse 7. The Nightmare 8. The Book 9. Mr Srutt (Film Version) 10. The Word Game 11. The Hunt (Side 4) Forio’s Fall 2. Forio’s Death 3. The Stairs /The Keys/ The Stairway 4. The Dial 5. The Money 6. The Gun 7. Departure 8. The Street 9. Flashback II 10. Blood 11. Farewell 12. Finale 13. Cast (Additional CD tracks – in track sequence) 49. Flashback 1 (unused) 50. Mr Strutt (alternate) 51. Shock (unused)

Further information:

Stuart Kirkham PR 07795 844611

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