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2 x CD & 2 x LP

Released by UMC on 05 August 2022

Prior to the release of 2018’s The Girl From Chickasaw County Box Set, the music of Bobbie Gentry would often be lazily filed under ‘Easy Listening’ or ‘Country’ but the Box Set opened the ears and the eyes of the world to what really lay in this incredible songwriter’s recorded oeuvre. Her 7 studio albums revealed an extraordinary body of work that merged Americana, soul, country, chamber-pop, bayou funk, jazz, folk and psychedelia across recordings that possessed incredible musical ambition. And that doesn’t even touch on the quality of songwriting that lay within, where Gentry brings alive her evocative tales of life in the Deep South with all the characteristics of that region, its people and its customs illuminated to stunning effect.

The Box Set was a huge global success, earning a Grammy nomination and coveted Reissue of the Year accolades from The Times and Mojo. There were 5-star reviews, magazine covers, in-depth appraisals of Bobbie Gentry’s work and social media awash with listening parties bringing legions of new fans. Mercury Rev, Margo Price, Vashti Bunyan and Hope Sandoval amongst others got together to make a superb tribute album, re-recording Gentry’s masterpiece The Delta Sweete as The Delta Sweete Revisited. After three represses, the Box Set became a collector’s item, but continued consumer demand from an audience either discovering or revisiting Gentry’s music now leads us to the 05 August 2022 release of The Girl From Chickasaw County Highlights From The Capitol Masters.

Once again compiled and produced by Andrew Batt, Highlights From The Capitol Masters aims to be the ultimate ‘all killer, no filler’ Bobbie Gentry 2CD & 2LP compilation drawn from all of Gentry’s studio albums supplemented by the cream of the previously unreleased recordings including tracks from her ‘lost’ jazz album The Windows Of The World that was a standout vinyl release of RSD 2021, the deluxe edition of her classic album The Delta Sweete other outtakes, demos, rarities and live performances taken from her celebrated TV series for the BBC. Other pick outs include the classic original of ‘Ode To Billie Joe’, alternative versions of ‘Mississippi Delta’, ‘Touch Em’ With Love’ and the classy Glen Campbell duet ‘Let It Be Me’, ‘Mornin’ Glory’ from The Delta Sweete, her definitive ‘Hushabye Mountain’, pop soul triumph ‘Fancy’, and the melancholy ‘Lookin In’ from her final album. In addition, there are exceptional acoustic demos of originals like ‘Hurry Tuesday Child’ and ‘Seasons Come, Seasons Go’ new songs that never came out like ‘Smoke’ and ‘Joanne’ alongside essential covers of ‘Conspiracy of Homer Jones’ and ‘God Bless The Child’. For the hardcore collector, a number of the recordings have been remixed from the multi tracks especially for this release including ‘Caskette Vignette’ and ‘Recollection’.

Highlights From The Capitol Masters reprises the specially commissioned boxset cover illustration by David Downton and the artwork also includes many of the rare and unseen photos included in the 8CD boxset.

Bobbie Gentry’s career blazed brightly for a few short years, but only now is the full extent of her artistry coming into focus. The mystery of her disappearance detracts from her narrative as a self-made woman who strove for financial and creative independence. When we think of empowered female stars we think of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Madonna, or even Dolly Parton, but before all of them there came the girl from Chickasaw County. This impeccably curated new set reminds us once again just how special an artist she was.

Further Information: Stuart Kirkham PR on 07795 844611

Highlights From The Capitol Masters Track Listing


Side A

1. Ode To Billie Joe

2. Chickasaw County Child

3. Hurry, Tuesday Child [demo]

4. Sunday Best [alternate take]

5. Mississippi Delta [alternate version]

6. Okolona River Bottom Band

7. Refractions

8. Courtyard

Tracks 3,4 first time on vinyl

Side B

1. Mornin' Glory

2. Sweete Peony [alternate Version]

3. Casket Vignette

4. Recollection

5. Sittin’ Pretty

6. Hushabye Mountain

7. The Conspiracy Of Homer Jones

8. Sunday Mornin' [alternate version]

9. Let It Be Me (duet with Glen Campbell) [without strings]

Tracks 2,7-9 first time on vinyl

Tracks 3,4,6 remixed for this release


Side C

1. God Bless The Child

2. This Girl’s In Love With You

3. Touch 'Em With Love [stereo version]

4. Seasons Come, Seasons Go [demo]

5. Glory Hallelujah, How They'll Sing [alternate take]

6. Fancy

7. He Made A Woman Out Of Me

8. Circle ‘Round The Sun

Tracks 3-5,8 first time on vinyl

Side D

1. Apartment 21 [stereo version]

2. Benjamin

3. But I Can't Get Back

4. Lookin' In

5. Smoke

6. Joanne

7. The Girl from Cincinnati

Tracks 1,5,6 first time on vinyl


1. Ode to Billie Joe

2. I Saw an Angel Die

3. Chickasaw County Child

4. Sunday Best [alternate take]

5. Hurry, Tuesday Child [demo]

6. Niki Hokey / Barefootin’ [Live on the BBC]

7. Mississippi Delta [alternate version]

8. The Seventh Son [Band version]

9. Okolona River Bottom Band

10. Mornin' Glory

11. Jessye' Lisabeth

12. Refractions

13. Courtyard

14. Feelin’ Good [demo]

15. Sweete Peony [alternate Version]

16. Casket Vignette

17. Recollection

18. Eleanor Rigby

19. Sittin’ Pretty

20. Hushabye Mountain

21. The Conspiracy of Homer Jones

22. Sunday Mornin' [alternate version]

23. Let It Be Me (duet with Glen Campbell) [without strings]


1. Suppertime

2. God Bless The Child

3. This Girl’s In Love With You

4. Touch 'Em with Love [stereo version]

5. Greyhound Goin' Somewhere

6. Seasons Come, Seasons Go [demo]

7. Glory Hallelujah, How They'll Sing [alternate take]

8. Fancy

9. Find 'Em, Fool 'Em and Forget 'Em

10. He Made A Woman Out of Me

11. Rainmaker

12. Circle ‘Round the Sun

13. Apartment 21 [Stereo 7” version]

14. Billy the Kid [Live on the BBC]

15. Benjamin

16. But I Can't Get Back

17. Belinda [acoustic version]

18. Mean Stepmama Blues

19. Lookin' In

20. Smoke

21. Joanne

22. You And Me Together

23. The Girl from Cincinnati

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